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Life story
May 12, 2017
Passed away on May 12, 2017.
May 12, 2017
Tonight I wanted to share with the world the story of a brave and strong little man named Miles J.
Miles wasn't just born just any other Angel, he was born a Special Angel. By special I mean he was
born with special needs, such as he would snort allot, lose his balance quite a bit. Our vet told us
it would be best if we put him down, but looking into his eyes I couldn't bear it. He would always
play with his brother Charlie who is my pup. Miles would climb, hop, and would always love to rush
over to the vacuum cleaner when it turned on and he would flip around waiting to be vacuumed as we
would place the hose over and around him he always had fun with it, while of course the others were scared
of it. We could always tell he was in a good mood when he would poke his little pink tounge out which meant 
it's play time! I even downloaded a few apps to my phone which were ment for cats to play, such as one had a
jumping frog on it and he would slap the screen trying to get him. Miles was always the kind of friend who
could change your mood without even trying he was just that good, sad day? no worries here comes Miles 
to save the day again. This is why I and my family could not put him down he was too full of life and I believed
in him so much and he proved everyone wrong and made it for as long as he could which was three years. Miles
may have been three years old but he had the mind of a six month old kitten who always loved to play, be wrapped up
in the love you would give him and believe me he would give it back ten times over. He never meowed right like the others
yet he found his own way of communicating which was almost like kitten sign language and we understood him, and he
in turn understood us. I came up with a nick name for him which was Commander Snort Snort, all because of the little to
sometimes loud snorts he would make, one day I was watching a show and it came to me, and from that point on he was
known as Commander Snort Snort of the Snort Snort Enterprise, beam him up snotty, was his little catch phrase, as well every
night I would wake him up just to tell him Goodnight and sing him a personal little song I made for him which helped him rest.
Looking back there was a time where I had forgotten to do it, and he came to me with his eyes glowing as if to ask me to sing it for him. So I picked him up and placed him on the sofa and sang him his song and there he went off to dream town. Even waking him up or seeing him first thing in the morning was a gift, he had the energy of one hundred cats his age.

Too sum this up, I wouldn't trade my little friend who became more than a friend he's like a child..he is a child to me. I wouldn't trade him for anything or trade any of the beautiful memories that he and I got to have together for anything on this Earth and beyond. I wish nothing more then to wake up to see his dortky faced grin waiting for his "Good Morning Miny Miles!" or as I'd also call him Minji Miles! But wishing thats for stars..and I know he's one of them now so maybe he will hear them, maybe he will be up there wishing for the same thing. The hurt that this has left cannot be put into any word known to man but I write this for a chance to heal, to understand, to find peace and to show him the respect that he deserves. Forgive me for the typos and such It's hard to write something when your sight is glazed over by tears that fall like falls. I wish for nothing more then to  hold him one more time and look into his big big eyes and tell him how much I love him, how much I will miss him and how much he means to me and how far he has helped me within my own life. He's not just another cat or kitten, he's my little commander, my little best friend, my child, my hero, and my pal. I long for the day when I can see him bounce across the Rainbow Bridge, for there is apart of me that went with him and I hope where ever he is, that he's happy, safe, loved and knows how much he's missed, loved, and thought about. Although apart of me is gonef forever, I know..and I pray that he's waiting for me to one day meet him across that Rainbow Bridge. Here's to you my little guy! You're my rockstar, so go show the other kittens and cats up there how to really play and have a good time, I miss you and I love you always and forever. I told you that one night, best friends till the end and them some! 

Big Hugs Miles J. fly your ship out there and have a story ready for the family when it's our time to cross that bridge to meet ya! 

Love your family and your friends for life..and then some <3 Innocent