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It's been a mo. Since U left us.  I miss u more everyday!  When I see something that reminds me of u.. I LOSE IT.  My little minnie miles!!  I love u so much!!  Fly high my little friend.  Ill see you again soon!  :(
Eric S.
I remember when you were not feeling too well, you were sleeping on the sofa and I went though my phone to see if I could find some way to perk you up. I found the app on it which had the green frog jumping on the lilly pad, and you had so much fun with it the moment I tried to take my phone away you wrapped both of your sweet little arms around it and pulled it back down, and of course I let you have it. Your little tongue poked out and you went to town swatting that frog and you had the best points ever! It's so hard to think right now that you're gone, you were taken too fast and it hurts so much right now to know that I couldn't say goodbye to you while you were still there. I have so many questions Miles that I know I cannot find the answers too. I pray that you're here with us and you're watching over us in some shape way or form. You Mr. Man are one of a kind, no other out there could ever replace you, or even come close to the way you made me smile. You were there during my dark days of depression and you taught me that if you could do it and make it though life with all the issues you had and yet you still held a smile and played, then I could do the same. I wish you were here right now and it feels as if I have lost my own child. But one day we will all be together again I just know it. So go have fun Miles, or as I say it my commander! Fly that ship and when the time is right I want to hear all about your little adventures and be ready for the best hug ever. I love you and I miss you more than anything and then some.

Love you little guy, when I can I'll write more and share with the world how awesome you are.
 I remember every day that I vaccumed. Most cats hate the noise and run and hide, but not Miles. He'd always rush over to my legs and flop onto his back and look up at me expectedly. It took me a bit to put it together, but he eventually got the point across. The only cat I know that loved to be vacumed. He'd lay there and would hold on, just to make sure I got every inch of his tail and belly. Only Miles could make what is normaly a boring, mindless chore, the brightest highlight of your day. Which is what he did, every day no matter what, in his own way, made everything a highlight.
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